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Legal Advice

Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law firm offers accurate legal advice or consultations in all areas, according to the laws and regulations applicable in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, to the company owners and even the citizens. The consultations are offered in commercial, industrial, contracts, residence, labor and legal protection fields and others.

Lawsuits and Arbitration

Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law firm is composed of teams of lawyers distributed to some groups according to their specializations which resolve dozens of lawsuits yearly in all kinds of courts such as civil, personal status, misdemeanors and felonies courts. Moreover, the lawyer groups work on all types of lawsuits such as loan, stand by reservation, responsibility holding among partners , tenure lawsuits and the lawsuits related to all types of contracts, these include all legal phases of the lawsuits like appeal and cassation. Additionally, all the provisions of the court and all the legal procedures are performed by our lawyer groups.

Management of Companies Legal Affairs

Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law company has got profound experiences in companies’ different fields, such as establishment of different types and activities of companies, opening branches of foreign companies and managing their legal affairs, selling companies shares, companies’ liquidation and shares distribution after liquidation. Furthermore, we have a good experience in the field of recruitment and providing efficient lawyers to work in private local and international banks and the companies working in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

Visa, Residence Permission and Immigration

Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law firm has a complete team composed of five lawyers who are specialized in the field of residence and entry visa into Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Additionally, working knowledge, credibility and punctuality are major specifications of these lawyers and staff of that particular department of Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law firm. We, as Dogramaci law firm, seriously work on performing the work of foreign citizens without any tiredness or delay in work.

Drafting Contracts and Partnership Contracts

Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy law firm is a strong competitor in organizing contracts for companies in Turkish, Arabic and English languages, where contracts and legal regulations are organized by multiple languages in addition to the documents related to normal companies and people in the fields of oil and gas, trading, partnership, sale, rent, management, governmental contracts, investment, school contracts, services and others. Our consultant lawyers have sufficient and satisfactory experience in this field and we think that our clients’ rights in the contracts and documents, prepared by our specialized lawyers, are guaranteed in the future.


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    Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy, we are obliged to provide our customers with legal consultation in several areas according to the order and need of our customers including the companies working with us, the employees working in those companies and normal citizen customers as well.

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